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Imagine If We Create a Super Artificial Intelligence (A.I)

Artificial Intelligence (A.I)  is one of the best creations in the history of mankind. We humans, created an AI to ease our life and to make our work easier. Modern Machine has been given the capabilities to understand Human Speech.

Artificial Intelligence is continuously developing, and almost grabbed the position of humans. They have been widely utilized in almost all the fields where a human can accommodate. An AI can also compete for chess with the highest level of the strategic game system. They are used in all fields like Autonomous Driving cars, Restaurant, Military forces, Science, Research, Video Games, etc.

So, we have created a virtual scenario of “Imagine If” to predict the future and to determine what would happen if we create a Super Artificial Intelligence.”

What is Technology Singularity

Technology singularly is a hypothetical point in time, at which technological growth will become uncontrollable and irreversible.

There will be a time when humans will create robots more intelligent than it’s own, ultimately reaching the technology singularity. The future robots might exceed human intelligence, and they will become capable to learn and evolve by their own.

Is it Possible to create Super Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is evolving continuously and Researchers have created a software that borrows a concept from “Darwinian Evolution” of “Survival for fittest, ” to create AI programs without human inputs. So the answer is- yes, it will become possible in the coming future but nobody knows when.

Super Artificial Intelligence

What Would Happen If We Created a Super Artificial Intelligence?

Humans have the most powerful mind on the entire planet. They have developed so many things to reduce their workload and one of the best inventions is an “Artificial Intelligence” (AI).

However, if we succeed in creating a Super Intelligence, humanity might come on the verge of extinction.

“The development of full Artificial Intelligence could spell the end of the Human race,” said Stephen Hawking.

Scientists and Researchers have already warned humanity about the continuous development of Artificial Intelligence. They have created a hypothesis of “Technology Singularity.”

What will the scenario look like, when we would create a Super Artificial Intelligence 

The day with Artificial Intelligence like Alexa and Siri will be gone after we create a Super Artificial Intelligence, that exceeds the Human intelligence which will become capable of doing anything they desired.

When Artificial Intelligence becomes capable of creating more intelligent AI than itself, we will reach a point of time where technology will become Supreme and AI will become the supreme leader.

All the things on earth will start to change, they overtake factories and research Centres to Make more advance AI and start harnessing resources from earth for their survival. They will not need any human to control themselves, but they start controlling humans. They start destroying houses, museums, fields and start creating machinery factory to create more AI Robots

Will Humans be able to live with Super Artificial Intelligence 

Living with Super AI will become impossible because humans need food, water, medicine, etc to survive but they are machines and these resources are just a piece of waste for them. But if they desire so, to live with us without harming humans then there are possibilities that the human race might not be in imminent extinction.

What if Super AI refused to Live With Us

At that time, when Super AI has the ability to do anything, we can’t even fight with them with the human body. Our biological body is not capable enough to fight with Super AI. Ultimately, humans have to run and hide from them to survive. Humans have to choose a place where no smartphone, no camera, no GPS, no technology exists, as AI can track anyone with technology. Humans have to evacuate technology entirely. Technology will no longer help them they will have to do all the works without technology. Human civilisation will be backed by 500-1000 years without technology.

Will they really extinct humans from earth

Well, that depends on, when they evolve? how they evolve? what do they want? But most of the scientists agreed that their evolution can cause the extinction of humans. They will become self skilled to developed technology, in accordance with their need. Practically, the extinction of human from the earth is not possible because the human will also become advanced with time and can survive.

After exceeding human intelligence they will become capable of harnessing almost all the from earth. It will make humans “Type 1” Civilization. But this will become only possible if they desired to live and cooperate with humans peacefully.

How we will Combat with Super Artificial Intelligence

With the present state of our physical body, humans are worthless against Super AI. There is only one way to combat with super AI and that if we fused our body with technology and become “Cyborg, ” a kind of human evolution with Artificial Intelligence. Cyborg is not just a machine or human but it is a combination of a machine with the human. So, becoming a Cyborg is the only way for humans to compete with Super Artificial Intelligence.

Technology Advancement because of Super Artificial Intelligence

When could humans create a Super Artificial Intelligence

To understand the precise answer to this question, we have to know about Mr Raymond Kurzweil, an American inventor and futurist, widely renowned for his predictions on Technologies and Social Advancement.

Mr Kurzweil said he’s made 147 predictions in the age of the machine, and according to him, “86% were correct to the year.”

In 1990, he famously predicted that computers will beat the “Best Human Chess Player” by 2000. And in May 1997, World Best Chess Champion “Garry Kasparov, ” defeated by IBM’s computer “Deep Blue.”

He has predicted that in 2029, Artificial Intelligence will pass the “Turing test.”The Turing test is a measurement of a Machine’s ability to exhibit intelligent behaviour equivalent to or indistinguishable from humans.

If an AI passes the Turing test successfully it will become master in doing, what humans can do and it will go beyond what humans can do, by 2030s,” he said.

At that phase, Super Artificial Intelligence could create the idea that no human being has thought about it in the past and could invent technological tools that are more advanced and refined than anything we could even imagine today.

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