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Imagine If All The Humans on Earth Become Cyborg

You must have heard about superheroes or mutants in movies, their powers just amazed us. But wait, if I’ll tell you that you can also gain powers like this. Yup, you can achieve these powers by becoming a “Cyborg.

Around the globe, many people have already achieved special and enhanced ability by becoming a Cyborg.

So, we have created a virtual scenario of “Imagine If” to predict the future and to determine what would happen if all the humans on Earth became Cyborg.

What is Cyborg

In 1960, Manfred Clynes coined the term “Cyborg” to describe an emerging hybrid of human from man and machine. It is originated from the English word “Cybernetic Organism,”  is a being with both organic and mechanic body parts. Their physical activities are beyond normal human but limited by mechanical elements build in their body.

How can a Human become Cyborg

A human can become Cyborg by implanting mechanic parts to expand their bodies ability. For now, this is for rich people as it can cost you from $100k to million dollars. By coming time, this will become available to each class whether it is rich or poor. But there will be different in abilities or power because rich people could expense more on improving higher abilities while the poor can’t. But surely, a human can become Cyborg according to their budget.

Enhancement of human by becoming a Cyborg

What Kind of Enhancement does a Human Get by becoming Cyborg in Present

Getting enhancement by becoming Cyborg is voluntarily depended by individuals choice. Humans can choose the specific ability or additional ability on their own. However, 

  • Can “Hear Colours”
  • Can live more than a normal human
  • Getting mechanic hands and legs
  • control small animal like a rat with BMIs devices
  • Can perform Biohack by getting control over their own biology
  • Can lift heavyweight
  • Getting Cybernetic Eye
  • Can see with a perception in 360°

These aforementioned enhancement has already been achieved by humans around the globe. So, what kind of capability a human can get with Cybernetic technology in future? The explanation for this question can be defined in the forthcoming. But in “Imagine if” we have predicted some enhancement which will surely a Human can get in coming future by becoming Cybernetic Organism.

What Kind of Capability a Cyborg can get in Future

A human can extend their capabilities beyond imagination with Cybernetic Technology in future. Some of these capabilities are-

  • Can live for a long time by replacing their organic body parts again and again.
  • Ability to lift weight up to 10 times of their own body weight
  • Can communicate with others around the globe via wireless antennae in their mind
  • Can modify their biological body with Nanotechnology
  • control all the electronics on the earth with micro Chips
  • Replace their whole body bones with carbon fibre

Getting these powers can possible according to “Cyborg Foundation” with Nanotechnology. So, Are you ready to be a Cybernetic Organism in Future? Well, your answer will probably yes, but let’s see what would happen if all humans on earth can get these types of powers and becomes a Cyborg.

Cyborg Foundation assists human to become a Cyberntic Organism

Why Humans Augment their body and become Cyborg

The wish for a perfect human body with enhanced capabilities has been a dream for humanity for many centuries and now technology is developing day by day. According to Some Researchers like Elon Musk, Artificial Intelligence is evolving and with the decade it can become Super Artificial Intelligence which can cause an end to mankind. To cop-up with innovative and emerging technology Human must have to convert themselves to a Cyborg. According to him, when Super Artificial Intelligence emerges, they become master in all the work which human can do and even goes beyond. To compete with them Humans must need some kind of Biological advancement and that can be only possible with Cybernetic Technology or posthumanism.

What Would Happen If All Humans on Earth Becomes Cyborg

Humans are limited to their biology, but if all Humans on earth can become Cyborg, humanity can come to an end because all humans on earth, possess with nanotechnology, will have some kind of power. There will be more violent and fatality because of these technologies. The hunger for more power will overwhelm them with brutal behaviour. There will not even exist peace on earth like before.

How Will Humans Survived if All of them Become Cyborg

They not only rely on food but also on other sources to maintain their mechanic parts of the body. To maintain peace between all Cyborgs, there will be a Government for them, which detailed the law for Cyborgs. All of them has to follow the rules and regulations set up by the Government. The Cyborg government guide every Cyborg in every aspect.

Neil Haribisson and Moon Ribas founder of the Cyborg Foundation

Even today exist a Foundation established by Neil Harbisson and Moon Ribas, the organisation is named as Cyborg Organisation, a non-profit organisation. It is a platform for the research, creation, experiment and promotion of project related to augmentation of the human body

Their mission to assist human in becoming Cyborg and helps them as much as possible. It promotes the use of Cybernetics as a part of the human body.

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