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How to unlock phone without password
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How to Unlock Android without Password

Android smartphones are the most demanded Operating System in the global market than windows or iPhone. It can also be affordable to many of the users. Android has developed over several years and still evolving in better means.

All the OS (Operating System) has a lock screen feature of password, pattern, pin, etc. This feature is included to protect the user’s privacy. However, if you forget your android password, pin, or pattern, you have to lose all your internal storage data. So, you must want to know about “How to unlock android phone password without factory reset.” Most of the android users search over the internet wondering- how to unlock android without

At TechSpit, we will tell you 3 methods about how to unlock your android phone password without factory reset

Method 1

How to unlock android with recovery mode

If you just want to unlock your phone and do not care about the internal storage data you can do it by yourself. For that, you have to boot your android smartphone into recovery mode by pressing the ( power + volume up) button together. Most of the latest smartphones can boot into recovery mode by pressing these buttons together if your android does not boot search over the internet about “how to boot ( name and model of your smartphone) into recovery mode” you will find the relevant information over there.

Go to Recovery mode to unlock android

After booting your android you will see an interface like this just go to (wipe data/factory reset) by pressing the volume down button and click the power button on it. Now reboot your system and your android will unlock.

Note-: you will lose all your internal storage data including media, contacts, call logs, etc, from your android smartphone. So, be careful while performing this step.

Method 2

How to unlock android without password

This method is quite easy and simple. Almost all android device comes with ” Android Device Manager” enabled on it as a device administrator.

But if your device has not come with the enabled feature, you can manually enable it by going to phone setting and search for “device administrator” click on it and enable it. So, in the future, if you forget your android password you can unlock it.

If you forget your android password or pin, you have to borrow an Android phone from someone and search for “Find My Phone” in google over the internet. Click on the first result showing, it will ask you to enter the Gmail ID, enter your Gmail which is signed in your locked device.

After that, it will display the options to ring, lock, locate, and erase. Click on the “lock” option and it will ask you to enter the password.

Enter the password you want, and now try to unlock your android smartphone by that password, which you have put it on “find my device.” Your android will unlock with that password.

Note-: your locked device must be connected to the internet with Wi-Fi or data while performing this method.

Method 3

How to unlock android phone password without factory

If you have a laptop or PC you can easily unlock your android smartphone with “PhoneRescue for Android.” Install it in your laptop as it requires no tech knowledge, just one click, and your android will unlock without a password. 

No matter your phone is locked with pin, pattern, fingerprint, password, it can safely remove them without losing data. PhoneRescue for Android works well with almost all android smartphones 

Step1– Download PhoneRescue for Android from here and install it on your computer. Run it by connecting your android phone to the computer via USB cable.

Step2– Click on the second button on the upper left corner to choose the lock screen removal option.

Step3– It will take a bit of time to recognize your android, after that click on the Start Unlock button to start the procedure.

Step4– After successfully removing your android lock screen, it will display the interface like this and your android device will restart automatically.

Frequently Asked Questions(F.A.Q)

How to unlock android phone without losing data

You can follow “method 2″ to unlock your phone without losing data. You have to search over google with find my phone android.

Can I find my phone location in google with this method

Of course, you can find your phone location in google with method 2. You have to simply choose the “locate” option over there.

Can I find my phone with Gmail

Yes, you can find by going into Google and search for “Find my Phone” and click on the first result. Now you have to sign in with your Gmail account to find or locate your android.

These are methods to unlock android phone without a password. Hope you like this information. If you find any problem, feel free to ask in the comment section.

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