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How to Take Screenshot in PC and Windows in 2020

If you have been using a PC for long, then you probably know “How to Take Screenshot in PC,” but there are other people on the internet who find difficulty to find a way to take a screenshot in Pc.

At Techspit, we had come up with a full guide about “How to take screenshot on pc.” There are two ways to take a screenshot in pc that is basic and advance. So, we have provided detailed instructions about it.


  • Press Print Screen(PrtScn) from your pc to capture the entire screen and saves it to clipboard.

Note: On some pc, you have to hold Fn and then you have to press Print Screen (PrtScn).

  • You can directly take a screenshot in windows 8 and 10 by holding windows and then press PrtScn to capture the full screen and save it your storage.
How to take screenshot in pc
Press PrtScn to take screenshot


  • In windows 7,8 and 10, Microsoft added a default program to take a screenshot easily. The program is the Snipping Tool.

Go to search option, search for Snipping Tool. After opening the Snipping Tool, click on “New” to take a screenshot.

Frequently Asked Questions(F.A.Q)

  • How to take screenshot in Windows 7

On your keyboard hold fn and then press PrtScn to capture the screenshot and saves it automatically.

  • How to take Screenshot in Windows 8

To take a screenshot in windows 8, hold down the Windows button and then press PrtScn to capture a screenshot.

  • How to take screenshot in Windows 10

To take a screenshot in windows 10 press PrtScn to capture a screenshot.

If this method doesn’t work, hold the windows button and press PrtScn to capture the screenshot. This saves the entire screen as an image file.

Hope you like this, if you have any queries regarding this, ask in the comment section

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