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How to Root an Android | Advantages | Disadvantages

Do you want full control over your android smartphone? Have you tired with the limited things you do on your smartphone? If “yes” then this post is for you.  Rooting Android” can open a portal for you. TechSpit” will share 5 alternative ways to root your android.

If you have never heard about “Rooting Android” and not familiar with it’s meaning, advantages and disadvantages. Then go through this post it will give you all the information about the term “Root.

What is Rooting

Rooting an Android or tablet is basically provides access to its entire Operating System to customize anything in it. Rooting an Android is the only entrance to understand the true potential power of an Android Operating System.

How to Root an Android

One of the easiest ways to root an Android is by using some apps like Kingoroot, Framaroot, Dr.Fone Root, Super Su, Root Master are some of the most trusted and downloaded applications for rooting. But some devices do not support these applications and you need to do some research from forums like XDA.

Rooting a device above Nougat 7.0 version is sometimes difficult and needs more time and attention than requires. If your device is not compatible with these apps you need to explore more on the internet with the name of your smartphone and method to root your android.

Rooting an Android

Preparation for Rooting your Android and Tablets

Rooting an Android does not need any preparation but in case if something goes wrong that can create troubles for you, so take some precaution.

Make a backup of your whole system with the titanium backup app which is available on the play store. After back up just go to the application you download from the above link and open it. You will see an icon to root, just click on that and wait some time. Boom! Now you have a rooted android phone.

Advantages of Rooting

  • Remove pre-installed or system application
  • Upgrade or downgrade your android version with custom ROMs
  • Enable enormous customization and tweaking.
  • Install thousand of Application which requires root permission
  • Install custom Recovery like TWRP
  • Overclocking your processor
  • Make possible to install Xposed modules with Xposed installer
  • Improve battery performance.
  • Back up the whole operating system with a custom recovery.
  • Install Busybody
  • Block any pop-up ads
  • Provide access to Super Su
  • Provide access to hacking apps like Droidsheep, MITM, Zimperium

There is much more advantage of rooting an Android, but the above advantages are enough for new users to root their android smartphone.

But wait, these are only pros, there are cons of rooting as well. Let’s come to the topic of the disadvantages of rooting an Android.

Disadvantages of Rooting

  • Rooting will void your phone warranty
  • Hard brick of a device can also take place if you do not follow the given instruction of rooting properly
  • The security risk is another factor of rooting your android. It can create security vulnerabilities.
  • Disable some apps like Google Pay and some other financial apps

These are the main disadvantages of rooting an Android. However, these disadvantages can also fix.

At TechSpit, we will provide solutions for fixing these disadvantages.

  • If you unroot your phone, your warranty will not void. To unroot your phone just go that application from where you have rooted your android and check it’s setting, you will find an option of Unroot, just click on that and your phone will be unrooted.
  • If you follow the given instruction properly and make some research about rooting, your phone will not have to be stuck with the problems like hard bricking. Normally, the chances of hard bricking your device while rooting are very less but still, we have mentioned it for your device safety.
  • Security risk will be a factor if you download unknown application about which you don’t know. so, we will suggest you to study before downloading any unknown apps to your device.
  • To use financial apps like Google pay while you want your device to be rooted, you have to use the Magisk hide application.

If you face any issue or have any queries regarding this feel free to ask in the comment section. TechSpit will try to help you as much as possible.

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