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How to Download Modded WhatsApp apk (100% working)

Whatsapp is one of the best Social Networking platforms among the World. It has downloads of 5 billion+ on the google play store. But there are thousands of internet users who want to customize their WhatsApp with additional features compared to normal WhatsApp. They wanted to try modded WhatsApp apk but they do not found any proper source for this.

Whatsapp users can send and receive texts, audio clips, video, gifs, location, phone contact, and voice notes. Whatsapp users are also familiar with its video calling feature. But there are other additional features included in modded whatsapp.

Whatsapp Messenger has end-to-end encryption. So we can say it is one best trusted and secure messaging platform. But it has fewer features compared to modded WhatsApp apk.

Let’s start with the risk associated with the usage of modded WhatsApp apk.

  1. A modified version of WhatsApp promises to provide additional premium features that are not included in regular WhatsApp messenger but it violates your privacy. The messages sent through these servers are not as secure as normal WhatsApp messengers.
  2. According to online researchers, a modified version of WhatsApp is more vulnerable to inject malware or trojans due to less secure host servers.
  3. Modded WhatsApp is not illegal to use but it is against normal WhatsApp messenger policies.
  4. Whatsapp messenger can completely ban your WhatsApp account due to violation of policy.
  5. Not all Modded WhatsApp apk uses end-to-end encryption which means they are not fully secured and trusted.

These are the risks associated with using mod WhatsApp. But we must not forget its additional features. Well! we are going to enlist the names of some best modded WhatsApp.

TechSpit has listed 10 best modded WhatsApp apk names which can provide you with additional premium features. Let’s get started with the first one

1) Download GBWhatsApp apk


  • Lots of themes and customization options
  • Hide blue tick, online status, and double tick options
  • Anti-ban feature
  • Multi-language support 
  • Password lock option for private chats
  • Increase media sent limit

2) Download WhatsApp Plus apk


  • Anti-ban features
  • Not forward tag will appear if you send message a forwarded message
  • Schedule a time to send a message automatically to a particular person
  • Hide blue tick, online status, and double tick options
  • Shares media more than 30 at one time
  • Thousands of premium themes with lots of customization

3) Download YoWhatsApp apk


  • Change font style and font colour from WhatsApp directly
  • Change contact name colour
  • Hundreds of premium themes
  • Always show the “online” option that means if you were offline it still shows your contact as online on WhatsApp
  • Hide blue tick
  • Hide double tick
  • Send more than 500 MB media without any restrictions
  • Call blocker on WhatsApp
  • Multi-language support

4) Download FMWhatsApp apk


  • Hide your last seen with privileges to look up others last seen
  • See others status with notifying them which means they will not that you have seen their status
  • Show blue tick after replying them
  • Hide double tick and a blue tick
  • Multi-language support
  • Hide typing and recording option
  • Send a message to any number with saving his/her contact
  • Premium themes and customization
  • Seng huge media files up to 700 MB
  • Inbuilt lock

5) Download WhatsApp Aero apk


  • Interface customization
  • Anti-ban feature
  • Send large media files
  • Better privacy with inbuilt lock
  • Hundred of Stickers packs
  • Anti-revoke message and status option
  • Hide blue and double tick
  • Hide forwarded tag

6) Download OGWhatsApp apk


  • Set password for a specific chat
  • Premium themes and sticker packs
  • Hide notification
  • Put long-duration status messages
  • Hide blue tick, double tick
  • Hide typing, recording, etc, options
  • Multi-language support

7) Download ZEWhatsApp apk


  • Variety of themes for customization
  • Better privacy control
  • Schedule time for messages to sent automatically
  • Capable to send 90 images at a single time
  • Huge media files sent limit
  • Customization in chats
  • Copy friends WhatsApp status easily
  • Hide online status
  • Hide last seen
  • Multi-language support

8) Download BSEWhatsApp apk


  • Various themes for customization
  • Send up to 90 images at a single time
  • Status word limit up to 250 words
  • Hide blue tick, double tick option
  • More than 10 icon packs available
  • Download status and stories
  • Hide last seen
  • Customization in chat

9) Download KRWhatsApp apk


  • Protect chats with password
  • Multi-language support
  • Premium themes for customization
  • Hide blue tick, last seen
  • Hide double tick
  • Send huge media files
  • Anti-ban protection

10) Download YCWhatsApp apk


  • Better privacy option
  • View status without letting them know
  • Send media size up to 650 MB
  • Hide last seen, blue tick, double tick
  • Send a message to anyone without saving their number
  • Themes customization
  • Change font colour, text colour

This modded WhatsApp apk is easy to use with heavy customization options. We are not able to describe all the features of these WhatsApp but there are even more features than described here. Try your favourite modded WhatsApp and enjoy it while being cool among your friends and relatives.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

  1. Is it safe to use?

Yes, these modded are safe but not as secure as normal WhatsApp

  1. Is it legal to download and use it?

These modded WhatsApp are not illegal. They use the same server as normal WhatsApp Messenger used but we do not recommend you to use these modded WhatsApp for important and business purposes.

  1. Is it a virus?

No, these modded WhatsApp are not a virus as it scanned with antivirus

  1. Can anyone hack these modded Whatsapp apk?

The chances are probably yes, these modded WhatsApp has not high-end security but still hacking WhatsApp is not an easy task unless a real hacker tries.

Note-: We recommend you to use normal WhatsApp messenger instead of a modded one. If you are using modded WhatsApp for private or business conversation then it can infringe your privacy. But if you just want to be cool among your friends or prank your friends then you can go on with modded WhatsApp messenger.

 We are not encouraging anyone to try these modded WhatsApp as it can harm your privacy. We do not endorse the app nor are we affiliated with these apps in any form. Download and use the app at your own discretion.

If you have any problems or suggestions feel free to mention it in the comment section. We will be glad to help you.

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