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Facts About The Kardashev Scale | Global Civilization Scale

Kardashev scale might be a new word for you. It was proposed by Soviet Astronomer “Nikolai Karshadev” in 1964. This scale measures the ability to harness energy.

What is the Kardashev Scale

The Kardashev Scale is a method of measuring a Civilization’s level of technological advancements based on the amount of energy they are able to use.

How many Kardashev Scales are there

In 1964, Kardashev defined 3 levels of Civilizations, based on the order of magnitude of power available to them. According to kardashev, Type 4 Civilization is impossible. However, other Astronomers have proposed and added 0,4,5, Types of Civilisation in the Kardashev Scale.

In which Kardashev Scale humans are going through

According to scientists humans have not even achieved Type 1 Civilization but some researchers believe that we can get to type 1 civilization in the next 100 to 200 years. But now, we are in Type 0 Civilization in the Kardashev Scale.

What is Type 1 Civilization in the Kardashev Scale

A type 1 civilization also called a planetary Civilization can accomplish by using all the energy from our planet earth. However if can harness all the energy from our earth within the next 100 to 200 years we can achieve type 1 civilization.

What is Type 2 Civilization

A type 2 civilization also called a stellar civilization can accomplish by using all the energy from our solar system. Harnessing all energy from our solar systems like energy from Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and other planets can make humanity superior in the solar system.

What is Type 3 Civilization

A type 3 civilization also called a Galactic Civilisation can achieve by using all the energy from our entire Galaxy. Type 3 Civilisation can control and harness energy at a scale of its own galaxy “Milky Way.

Humanity has a very long journey towards these civilizations. Physicist and futurist “Michio Kaku” suggested that if humans increased their energy consumption at an average rate of 3% each year, they may attain Type 1 Civilisation status in 100-200 years, Type 2 Civilisation in a few thousand years, and Type 3 Civilisation in 100,000 to millions years.

So these are the scale proposed by Kardashev. Now we are going to discuss about Type 0, Type 4, and Type 5 Civilisations.

What is Type 0 Civilization

A type 0 Civilisation means civilization which has not harnessed all energy from their planet. We are still a Type 0 civilization and we are on the road to attain the title of Type 1 Civilisation. Type 0 Civilisation is a developing phase to become Type 1 in the Kardashev Scale.

Kardashev Scale
Type 0 Civilization in Kardashev Scale

What is Type 4 Civilization

A Type 4 civilization would almost harness energy from the entire universe. They could traverse the accelerating expansion of the universe. A type 4 civilization might be impossible for now because our science and physics did not propose a law for energy that prevails in the universe. It might be possible to make laws and predictions about Type 4 civilization if we could get some information on Dark matters or Dark energy.

What is Type 5 Civilization

A Type 5 Civilization is something that is beyond our imagination. We could make and destroy galaxies, control and manipulate the universe as we desired. Undoubtedly we will become practically king of the universe. However becoming a Type 5 Civilization is just a theory. No one knows when human could achieve these level of Civilization.

Kardashev Scale
Type 5 Civilization in Kardashev Scale

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