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Did You Know? The Most Expensive Substance in the Universe

Did you ever think about a substance that could cost you $62.5 trillion per gram (4,59,29,68,75,00,00,000.00 in Indian Rupees). It’s looking impossible, right! But, in reality, there is a substance in our entire universe which can cost $62.5 trillion per gram.

The substance is termed as “Antimatter, ” the most expensive substance in the whole known Universe. So, what makes it so expensive? 

Let’s go back in time some 13.8 billion years, when “Big Bang” occurred in the universe. If you don’t know about Big Bang Theory check out from here. According to Researchers, at the time of Big Bang explosion, matters and Antimatters have created in equal amounts but why there prevail far more matters than antimatters? This question often arises disputes among scientists.

Why the universe we see today, entirely made up of matter and Dark Matter, this is one of the greatest mysteries among modern physics.

The most expensive substance in the world

Most people know that the basic nuclear particles that makeup matters are protons, electrons and neutrons. In 1930, Paul Dirac developed a description of the electron, which also predicted that an antiparticle of the electron should exist. When a particle of matter and antimatter counterpart meet, they both annihilate (destroy).

What is a Antimatter

Antimatter is a material composed of so-called antiparticles. It is believed that every particle we know, has an antimatter equivalent that is virtually identical to it but with opposite charge.

What is the worth of It

The scientist has claimed an estimate of $62.5 trillion for the only 1gm. It means buying 100gm of Antimatter can cause $6250 trillion.

Can we see an Antimatter

As we know Antimatter is virtually identical to its matter Practically, it is not possible to see it.

Can Antimatter cause destruction

Obviously yes it can cause destruction. But on earth, there is not even sufficient Antimatter that can cause a minor explosion. So, rest you fear because no one can produce such amounts of Antimatter which can cause destruction on earth.

How It can be Produce

can naturally produce by the annihilation of matter and it’s antimatter. But at Cern (a world-class best fundamental physics Organisation in Europe) it produced by colliding accelerated particles at very high energies, a process that converts kinetic energy into mass.

But the process is extremely difficult and insufficient. At present with Cern Technology, only 10 nanograms of Antimatter produce per year, at a cost of $20-30 million. So, to produce 1gm, it would take 100 million years and around  $1000 trillion amount which is very difficult or now.

Has Anyone Created  Antimatter on Earth

Yes, many physics Organisations had created it in nanograms. If we combine all the Antimatter produced on earth it would only enough to light up an electric bulb for some seconds

What is the Use of an Antimatter if it can be Created in a Lab

Medical-: It is widely used in medicine for Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scan to discover, how your organs and tissues are functioning.

Fuel-: It will be ideal fuel for rockets. If the mass in matter/antimatter collision, converted into energy and if they are 10 million times stronger, compared to a conve ntional chemical reaction such as hydrogen and oxygen combustion. Then it can be used to fuel space shuttle.

But practically it is not possible to produce that amount of energy for Cern to carry out for the space shuttle. It would take Cern around 1000 years to produce an only 1mg of Antimatter.

Weapons-: It will become one of the best weapons because of its explosive nature. Till now, the deadliest weapon in the worlds military armoury is the Tsar Bomba.” It is far more powerful than Nuclear Bomb dropped at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. But if Antimatter can weaponised it will become the strongest weapon on earth.

On Earth, all the things including humans, made up of matters which was produced by Big bang. But according to researchers Big Bang produced both matters and antimatters and when they meet they annihilate, leaving nothing but the energy behind. So, in principle, none of us should exist now.

But we do exist. Perhaps this antimatter still exists somewhere else in the universe. Such questions had led to speculative theories. Scientists are still trying to figure out this, no evidence has been found till now.

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