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Turritopsis dohrnii
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Did You Know? The Immortal Species on Earth

No humans on earth want to die. Humans are trying every strategy to develop an Anti-Ageing process. Despite many human efforts to slow the Ageing process, it seems an eternal part of life.

However, our Medical Science has achieved massive advancement but still, ageing is a process that will happen for every human being on earth.

But there are some species on earth which defy the Death and Ageing process, Yes, there is actually a species who can resist the ageing process.

At Techspit, we will share the name of species which is actually termed as “Biological Immortal” and can defy the ageing process.

The Immortal Jellyfish (Turritopsis dohrnii)

Turritopsis dohrnii, a small species of Jellyfish with 4.5 millimetres in diameter (0.18 inches) is officially termed as Biological Immortal. The immortal jellyfish defies death by repeating its Life-Cycle for an eternal period of time.

The Immortal Jellyfish is bell-shaped. It has a relatively large stomach with a bright red and has a cruciform shape in its cross-section.

Young turritopsis with 1 mm in diameter have only 8 tentacles whereas adult specimens have 80-90 tentacles. They eat plankton, larva, tiny molluscs, and fish eggs to survive.

The immortal jellyfish
The immortal jellyfish “Turritopsis dohrnii”

Life Cycle of Turritopsis dohrnii

A new jellyfish life begins with a fertilized egg, which grows into a larval stage called Planula. After that, it latches on a surface, where it develops into a Polyp stage. A polyp stage will look like a tube-shaped structure with a mouth on one end and a foot on another end. It remains there for some time, growing into a colony of polyps stage that shares tubes with each other.

After that, they eventually grow into an Ephyrae, a small jellyfish by breaking from the colony of polyps. After a few weeks, the jellyfish developed into a Medusa, a fully mature jellyfish. The time period to develop into a matured is depend on the temperature. So, this is the life-cycle of every jellyfish including The Immortal jellyfish” Turritopsis dohrnii.”

But here comes the trick which can only be performed by Turritopsis to back from Medusa stage to Polyps stage. Till now, scientists have discovered only this species of Jellyfish, to have the ability to transfer itself from Medusa to Polyps.

Biological Immortality

Almost all the jellyfish species have a relatively fixed life-span, which varies from hours to several months. But the Turritopsis dohrnii is the only form known to have the ability to revert into polyp state by a specific transformation process that requires certain cells.

This ability to reverse the biotic cycle is extraordinary and this allows the jellyfish to bypass the phenomenon of Death. However, being immortal does not mean that they cannot die. The title of Immortal is given to Turritopsis dohrnii because it can reverse itself from any state to polyp.

Whenever this species feels injury, starvation, or other environmental stress, it can revert to its polyp phase of life. It is a bit like a frog to go back to the tadpole state or butterfly to revert to the caterpillar phase of life.

The undying jellyfish “Turritopsis dohrnii” isn’t truly immortal because they can still be eaten by predators like a shark or other species. However, they have given the title of Immortal because of their ability to switch back its life stages.

The immortal jellyfish
Turritopsis dohrnii

The immortal jellyfish Facts

What does the immortal jellyfish eat

They eat normal foods like other jellyfish-like plankton, fish eggs, larva, etc.

Who are the predators of the immortal jellyfish

Sea anemones, sharks, tunas, swordfish, etc are the predator of the Turritopsis dohrnii

From how much time jellyfish lives on earth

The species of jellyfish is one of the oldest living organisms on earth. It lives on earth before the birth of dinosaurs or another organism, which has been extinct. Scientists have found a fossil of jellyfish which is more than 500 million years old.

Can immortal jellyfish kill humans

Only some species of jellyfish are too poisonous to kill humans other than poisonous species, they are not too dangerous for humans.

Well, the immortal jellyfish facts are quite amazing. There is something more. The jellyfish does not have a brain, bones, or other organs. Their body is made up of 95% of water and with a basic neuron to sense the environment.

While there are plenty more questions to ask about this. We have covered the most asked questions. Hope you like this information, share this article with your friends and family.

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