The Beginning of Universe | Big Bang Theory Explained

Not everyone knows about the “Big Bang” theory as its name does not confer the actual meaning of it. Big bang theory is far more vast than you could ever imagine. The formation of Universe holds secrets that scientists are trying to decode; and even some of discoveries have astounded the scientists community. The formation of Universe happened 13.8 billion years ago, this is something surprising. So, how does the universe began? The answer lies within the Big Bang Theory.

Leading Theory

The Big Bang Theory is the leading explanation about how the universe began. The Big Bang theory developed from observations of the structure of the universe and from theoretical considerations.

Before Big Bang, it is possible that the universe was just an infinite stretch of an ultra-hot, dense material, in a steady state. Until or unless Big Bang occurs due to some reason.

Currently, there is no instrument which could allow astronomers to look back in time when the universe took birth. However, astronomers can see the “echo” of expansion through a phenomenon known as Cosmic microwave Background (CMB)

One Second After Big Bang

One second after the big bang occurred, the universe was filled with protons, neutrons, electrons, photons, anti-electrons. During the first three minutes of the universe, the light elements were born with a process of Big Bang “Nucleosynthesis”. The temperature got down from 10 nonillions kelvin to 1 billion kelvin. causing the collision between protons and neutrons. This process helped the formation of deuterium, an isotope of hydrogen.

Expansion of Universe
Expansion of Universe from the Big Bang

For the first 380,000 years, the light was not visible because the temperature that persists into the universe was too hot. At this time, matter cooled enough for atoms to form. However, after this, the universe got on into darkness because no stars or any other bright object was formed yet.

After 400 million years of Big Bang, the universe began to rise from darkness. During this time, which lasted for more than 500 million years, in that period gas collapsed enough to produce the first star and galaxy.

Existence of Dark Energy

After 5 to 6 billion years later, a mysterious force which is known as “Dark Energy” began accelerating the expansion of the universe, a phenomenon that continues even today.

After NASA researched about it, they found that only 4.6 per cent of the universe is made up of atoms and rest is made up with “Dark Matter” and “Dark Energy”. A  bit after 9 billion years of Big Bang, our solar system formed.

Researchers said that “Our entire universe is expanding from the time of Big Bang and keep on expanding till now, and will keep on expanding in future also.